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  • Everything You Need To Know About Communism
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A legendary ride from the rise to the fall of Yugoslavia
Feel, smell and hear the history of Yugoslavia in a car named after it: The YUGO!

Belgrade tours

Rise & Fall
of a Nation Tour

  • 3,5-hour blast from the past!
  • Experience a classical Yugoslavian car (you can even take it for a spin!)
  • Explore the communist heritage of the country long gone

Architecture Tour

  • Complete Yugo-style immersion
  • Unique chance to see some of the signature communist buildings from the inside
  • Explore the most iconic Yugoslav architecture in 3 hours!


  • 5-hours, full-day tour
  • Experience the vastness of Belgrade
  • Explore what’s beyond the city limits

Belgrade Highlights

  • 2 hours ride through Belgrade’s history
  • Experience different styles of architecture
  • Explore impressive Kalemegdan fortress

About the

YUGO TOUR is a car ride in a vintage Yugoslav Zastava car that gives you a taste of everyday life in Yugoslavia. By driving through the remains of the Yugoslav urban space in Belgrade and Sarajevo, we try to keep everything as authentic as possible and help you experience a day in the life of a typical Yugoslav person. We will play the music from that period, drink “Yugoslav Coca Cola” and tell you about the ideals, architecture, and history of a nation that no longer exists. There is no better way to learn the history of one country than to immerse yourself in it on one of our tours. Experience Belgrade as the booming capital of Yugoslavia in a ride along impressive brutalist architecture, bombed buildings, a concentration camp and Tito’s grave. Or return to the days that Sarajevo was the beating heart of Yugoslav rock music and the host of the 1984 Winter Olympics.
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About the

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