Church of Saint Sava

church of saint sava

The church of Saint Sava, yet another reason to visit Belgrade. The former Yugoslav capital is home to one of the largest Orthodox churches in the entire world. Precisely, the church of Saint Sava is the second largest, first being in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Church of Saint Sava is an impressive sight, whether you’re an Orthodox Christian or not, this … Read More

Who were the Partisans? Who were the Chetniks?

propaganda poster

In case you’ve ever done any research on Yugoslavia, there’s a chance you’ve stumbled across several unknown terms. Some of them are specific for Yugoslavia and its history only. You’ve perhaps wondered – who were the Chetniks? Also, when we’re at it, who were the Partisans? This article will answer your burning questions and introduce you to a very important … Read More

Best Yugoslavia Movies: 8 Must-See Yugoslav Movies


Yugoslavia’s film industry was very successful and critically acclaimed. In fact, not only was it influential in the region, but it was also interesting for movie enthusiasts worldwide. Movies from that era earned Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations as well as Palme d’Or wins. If the country was still in existence today, it would’ve been able to compete with … Read More

Museum of Yugoslavia

Museum of Yugoslavia

National museums are often the best way you can get to know a country’s past in one afternoon. With not only one, but three buildings, the Museum of Yugoslavia provides a detailed trip through Yugoslavia’s history and culture. If you happen to find yourself in Belgrade, this thematic museum is a must-visit! The Museum of Yugoslavia was founded in 1996 … Read More

Food of Yugoslavia

kranjska sausage

When it comes to deciding whether you should visit former Yugoslavia, we have one tip: let your tummy be your guide. Even if you’re not the type of person to be impressed by its breath-taking nature, cultural monuments, or the friendly people, the food is guaranteed to blow you away. If you’re wondering what the cuisine of six Balkan countries … Read More

Palace of Serbia or fka as SIV1

Siv 1

Are you a bit of a Yugoslav history geek and a lover of breath-taking architecture? Would you like to see with your own eyes something architects around the world admire? If you answered yes to these questions, you’re in luck. There is a place just for you, one you must not miss on your trip to Belgrade. Palace of Serbia, or … Read More

Josip Broz Tito – Yugoslavia’s dictator

Remember Tito, Yugoslavia’s most famous leader? Does that name ring a bell? Maybe you’ve only heard of him or perhaps you’re someone who’s familiar with his political career and accomplishments. Tito’s life was a rags-to-riches story, as he started as a boy in a tiny village and grew to become one of the most successful politicians of his time. When you … Read More

Communism in Yugoslavia: How Communists rose to power

Communism in Yugoslavia: How Communist rose to power A lot of people are familiar with the fact that Yugoslavia was once a kingdom. Others know it as a country led by communists. Both are very true. Were you ever curious about how that transformation even came to be? Have you ever wondered how communism prevailed against the royal dynasty? Or … Read More

Yugoslavia Intro: a quick summary

Yugoslavia Map

The beauty of the internet is that nowadays you can access information easily and save yourself plenty of time you would otherwise spend researching. If you’re in a foreign country or plan to visit one, you naturally want to be familiar with at least  brief history and national symbols. You’re interested in expanding your knowledge about Yugoslavia? We’ve prepared a … Read More

Tito’s Anecdotes

Yugoslavia dictator

Josip Broz Tito, whether you agreed with his policies or not, without a dispute, Tito was one of the most remembered and controversial figures in the Balkans. We’re all familiar with the facts. Tito up heaved the system in place and introduced the Communist regime to the region. All meanwhile accomplishing his political ambitions of becoming the leader of the … Read More